Chocolate Letterpress

I found this on the internet an thought it was pretty cool, reminds me of a project I started a little while ago making letter press from potatoes. Ill upload my images soon and you can compare. Anyway this is tasty and cool, can remember where I found it though.


Interactive Video by Arcade Fire

This is a new interactive music video by Chris Milk for Arcade Fire, really nice and refreshing. Give it a go and type in your home town.



BrewDog or (BrewSquirrel)

If i had £500 spare to spend on a bottle of beer that has been put down a squirrels neck I might buy one, but I dont, so for now I can only dream. It has caused a lot of controversy but ill let you make your own minds up. It is described by BrewDog "As an audacious blend of eccentricity, artistry and rebellion" it certainly is that!


James Cooney

James Cooney: "

Shiny Things, Typography, Things that make you go ahhhh, Design with a concept, Photography, Film. Nice.

Second year Graphic Design student

Kingston University

create-james.co.uk in development



As with the title of the work I feel I ended up looking at this subtle but great video the same way. Great work again by Lernert & Sander over at weloveourwork.

The Procrastinators - episode 1 from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.


After such a dissapointing summer and next weeks useless friendly coming up I thought you would rather watch something alot more creative and interesting

“Refait” is a remake of the 1982 World Cup match between France and Germany. Every detail of the fifteen last minutes of the match was painstakingly reconstructed by Pied La Biche. The sheer pointlessness of it all is hilarious.

Refait from Pied La Biche on Vimeo.

Jazzy New Advert

Having been in Shoreditch for the last few weeks on a placement this new advert really made me laugh. I think they have got everyone down to a T.